Birth Questionnaire 


Client Name *
Client Name
Partner/Birth Support Name
Partner/Birth Support Name
Mother's Contact Number *
Mother's Contact Number
Partner/Birth Support Contact Number *
Partner/Birth Support Contact Number
Estimated Due Date *
Estimated Due Date
Have you advised the hospital / birth center/ staff that you will have a professional photographer present for your birth? *
Which of these specific elements of your birth would you like me to capture? *
I will do my best to be sensitive and aware of when it’s appropriate to be in the birthing space, and when to step away. Would you like me to leave the room during any particular examinations or procedures? *
Lighting inside of the birthing area may not be ideal or consistent for photography, and may cause the images to become grainy and lose clarity. In certain situations, it may be helpful for me to bounce a flash to add sufficient light to the shots and increase clarity and decrease grain. I will do my best to discern when it is appropriate to use my flash, and ensure that the birthing mother and baby will not be affected by its use. Do I have your permission to use the flash or turn on any overhead lights in these situations? *
In the event that you are transferred from home to a hospital, or from one hospital to another, I will remain in the original location, until instruction from you or your birth support person is given. Please understand that if I am instructed by a doctor or medical professional to leave at any time, I must comply for the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby *
It is understood that birth frequently includes nudity. It is important to me that you remain comfortable and satisfied with your birth photography experience. I can remain above your shoulder and not include any genitalia in your photographs if that is your preference. If you are comfortable with me capturing all details, any nudity will NOT be shared on any public forum including social media, my personal website or blog. Any other photos will not be shared without your permission. *